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Backpackers Villa is the first hostel in Switzerland to be 100% climate neutral!

Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof is the first hostel to be certified with the 100% climate neutral label of myclimate.

The climate neutral label was developed by myclimate in order to distinguish especially responsible businesses.

Following the idea of "Do the best and offset the rest"
Backpackers Villa makes a very significant contribution to climate protection. Not only are we striving to reduce our emissions, we also buy reductions through myclimate carbon offset projects for those emissions we can't avoid.

Locally we are reducing our carbon emissions by buying 100% electricity made from water power: basically electricity "nature made" and among others we are using local suppliers to keep distances short. Please see below for what we do here at Backpackers Villa.

Internationally the carbon offset projects by myclimate include:
- Energy-efficient biomass cookers for communal kitchens in 11 regions of India
- Efficient stoves and rocket barns, Malawi
- Heat from Biogas in Vietnam
- Solar cookers in Ningxia Hui, China
and many more.

Please see www.myclimate.org for more information.

We live with and of our environment

For Interlaken and for us at Backpackers Villa nature as we enjoy it here is a gift that we want to look after and preserve.
Hence it is logical for us that we work environmentally friendly and conscious on a daily basis.

What do we do here at Backpackers Villa to preserve nature ?

- The whole new extension building is built by very strict guidelines regarding the use and need of natural ressources now and in the future called 'Minergie Standard'.

- A comfortable airing system in all rooms enables a consistant exchange of air without having to open the windows all the time, which implies to loose lots of heat and energy.

- With our own solar panels we generate hot water. Furthermore, this warm water also supports our heating system. We use gas for the heating whenever topping up is necessary. Gas is considered a more or less environmentally neutral substance.

- We buy our electricity at extra cost to ensure that it is 100% made from water power - basically 'electricity naturemade'.

- At all our water taps there are water saving installations. These are hardly felt but achieve very good results.

- Most of the paper used at Backpackers Villa (toilette paper, paper towels, printer and writing paper in the office) is made from recycled paper.

- Where possible we offer local products and work with local suppliers, in order to keep short distances: coffee from the local roasting house, all foods from the local wholesaler, large local laundry that due to scale is able to work far more efficiently than we could ever do it ourselves.

- We collect and recycle: paper, carton, tins, glass, plastic bottles.

- Last but not least: most of our guests travel by train and public transport, which is of course the most environmentally friendly way of transport.

- We also work efficiently regarding the use of cleaning detergent and ensure cleanliness even with small amounts.

Collecting clothes and matrasses for charity

We re-newed all matrasses in the Chalet building in spring 2011. All used ones we gathered and passed on to charity and they were directly transported to Rumania where they are used in hospitals and children shelters.

Loading station for electric vehicles

Recharge the batteries of your vehicle at Backpackers Villa: whether it's your e-bike, with which you are discovering the Jungfrau region or the fastest electric car. Make sure you load your batteries.