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Our team during our staff trip to Paris.
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What we believe

Our philosophy was clearly stated in our business plan in 1997:

· We are the youth hotel of the highest quality in the Jungfrau region for those Low-Budget travellers, who allow themselves to be spoilt a little.
· We offer the best value for money with very clean rooms in a villa with garden.
· Our Villa is open for everyone, irrespective of nationality or religion.
· We live hospitality following the gospel of Matthew: “The way that you would like to be treated by others, that’s how you should treat them as well.” (the Bible, Matthew 7,12)
· We see ourselves as part of the youth works of the Methodist church.
· In all our work we are guided by the principle of our church founder John Wesley: „Do all good that you are able to, with all your possibilities, in all different ways, at all places, to all people, that you can reach, as long as you possibly can.“
· We contribute to the protection of creation with man in the centre with ecologically sensible actions in our daily life.
· Our hotel shall be financially sound, we want to work economically, without having to have profit maximisation as the utmost maxim.

It tells a lot that the business plan of 1997 is still fully valid in its strategic orientation for our daily job today. In its principles it still describes the main pillars of our USP in the market.

Backpackers Villa: It's no wizardry...but there is something magical to it...

We are organised as a non-profit organisation, based on an association of about 50+ members. We understand ourselves as an independent hostel of the United Methodist Church (UMC). Most of our association members are members of UMC.

Yes, we have a meditation room, where our guests can enjoy a moment of quiet and peace. No, we do not meet there for prayers on a regular basis.

Yes, many of our staff are somewhat involved in christian life of some denomination. No, this is by no means a prerequisite to work for Backpackers Villa.

No, we do not have bibles in our rooms. Yes, there are small "Time Out" booklets to be found in each of the rooms. These can encourage a moment to stop and think.

Yes, on our breakfast tables there are flyers with ideas on "what to do today" and "Thoughts of the day". These also represent an offer for our guests to take on or leave, just as it suits them.

We are convinced that there is blessing on what we do and we feel supported and accompanied. For many of our guests we are simply "a good hostel". One or the other might feel something warm, different from what they expect and put it down to something christian.
We are very unobtrusive about raising our Christian background with guests. There is clearly no interest in missionary activity.

But our guests are travelling: outside and inside and we like to accompany him or her on this journey for as long as suitable.